Helping Hands of Franklin County, VA

Inspiring Stories from Heavenly Manna

A Special Person
Recently we had a father with two sons walk in to Heavenly Manna with bags of food to donate. It seems one of the boys just celebrated his eighth birthday with a party given by his parents. When the invitation went out to all his friends for the party the request was made for food for the hungry. He chose to sacrifice personal birthday presents to help those less fortunate, the hungry. His father stated that this was Evan's own idea. This 8 year old young man has touched all our hearts here at Heavenly Manna with his example of love, self-sacrifice, and maturity. His generous and loving act of kindness is an example we could all learn from and live by.

Special Family
Every month a gentleman comes in with several bags of food to donate. It seems he and his wife sponsor a Pizza Party monthly for friends. These friends are asked to bring food items that will be donated to assist in feeding the hungry. A small price to pay for fellowship with friends and Pizza. It is unique people and idea's that make it all come together.

Our thanks to the following Ferrum College clubs for their
2015 Halloween Food Drive

Social Workers Club - Delta Phi Epsilon - Clay Target - KAE Kappa Alpha Sigma
OXE Theta ChiEpsilon - Equestrian - OGO Thera Gamma Omega